Annual Meeting

Save the Date: 2018 Northeast ASPB Section annual meeting

We would like to invite you to attend the 2018 Northeast Section Meeting of the American Society of Plant Biologists (NEASPB) at University of Massachusetts on April 28 – 29.

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Who attends this meeting?
The NE ASPB meeting is an outstanding environment for plant biologists to meet, mingle, and network in a relaxed, inviting setting.  This meeting provides scientists at all career stages and diverse positions opportunities to discuss research efforts, teaching programs, administrative circumstances, funding scenarios, career designs, and other topics influencing plant biology.

Why is it a great opportunity?
We pride ourselves on promoting the work of rising plant biologists.  This meeting serves as a superb networking opportunity for undergraduate researchers to make connections with potential graduate programs and advisers.  For graduate students and post-doctoral research associates, the meeting promotes interactions with possible future post-doctoral advisers or employers in the private or public sector.

Being a member of NE ASPB is only $5 and provides a great way to network with local plant biologists. Plus the meeting registration fees are rather cheap (student presenters registration fees are reimbursed) and attendees get to join in on the fun during the banquet.

Learn how to present your research efforts
An essential trait for all scientists is to effectively and efficiently describe, explain, and promote their research efforts.  The NE ASPB meeting provides ample opportunities for maturing plant biologists to develop this capacity in oral and/or poster formats.  Attendees are highly encouraged to submit poster abstracts when registering; we will find space for you to proudly display and elucidate your work.  For those interested in providing talks, particularly undergraduate and graduate students, please submit abstracts for consideration.

If you are:

  • an undergraduate student seeking new horizons for study
  • a first-second year graduate student desiring experience in presenting your initial research forays
  • an experienced graduate student wanting to show you are ready for a new growth opportunity
  • a post-doctoral research associate looking to pilot your own ship

We want to hear from you!

A rewarding experience
For both poster and talk presenters, you will find the NE ASPB meeting a receptive, understanding, developmental experience.  In addition, there are numerous honors (monetary and certificate) awarded for talk and poster presentations given by undergraduate and graduate students that are judged as being of superior quality.