Preliminary  ASPB Northeast Section Meeting Schedule

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Saturday, April 20, 2024

10:30am      Registration opens at 148 Stocking Hall / Conference Center

12:00pm      Welcome and Introductions (Miguel Pineros and Georg Jander)

12:10pm      Doreen Ware

Keynote Speaker: Plant Genomes: understanding their past and managing their future

1:00pm        Shuyao Kong

Tradeoff Between Speed and Robustness in Primordium Initiation Mediated by Auxin-CUC1 Interaction

1:15pm        Maria Babar

Exploring Graft Incompatibility Markers in Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.)

1:30pm        Lauren Cole-Osborn

The CaMV 35S Promoter Can Activate Heterologous Promoters Even on Separate Co-Expressed Plasmids, Introducing Potential Artifacts into Reporter Assays in Plants

1:45pm        Erin Rehnig

ASPB Ambassador presentation (Erin Rehnig,

2:00 – 2:30 pm Coffee break  – BINGO – Networking

(Audrey Fahey, and Janeen Braynen,

2:30pm        Yogita Singh

CRISPR-Cas9 Editing of Silicon/Arsenic Transporter Genes to Reduce Arsenic Contents in Rice to Ensure Food Safety

2:45pm        Yang Liu

Deciphering the Role of Redox-Responsive and Calcium-Binding Proteins BAP on Plant Immunity and Chilling Tolerance

3:00pm        Serena Fan

Unravelling the Interplay within ASAP complex’s Role in RNA Regulations in Arabidopsis thaliana

3:15pm        Sombir Rao

The moonlighting function of a Nudix domain-containing protein in carotenoid biosynthesis and metabolon assembly

3:30pm        Seren Villwock

Carotenoid-carbohydrate crosstalk: evidence for genetic and physiological interactions in storage tissues across crop species

3:45pm        Harper Lowrey

CFH1 Conservation Sheds Light on Functionally Essential Amino Acids

4:00 pm       Josephine LoRicco

Electron Tomography of Streptophyte Algae: Insights into the Subcellular Components that were Critical for Terrestrialization and Land Plant Evolution

4:15pm        Klaas van Wijk

Organization and functions of the intra-chloroplast proteolysis network and discovery of the chloroplast N-degron pathway


4:30pm – 5:30pm ODD NUMBERS

5:30pm – 6:30pm EVEN NUMBERS



6:30pm – 8:30pm







Sunday, April 21, 2024


9:00am        Ed Buckler

Keynote Speaker: From Climate Change to AI: Improving Agriculture by Learning from Global Biological Diversity

9:50am        Leeann Thornton (ASPB, President)

10:00am      Ju-Chen Chia

The role of Arabidopsis Oligopeptide Transporter 3 (AtOPT3) in shoot-to-root copper signaling and copper-iron crosstalk

10:15am      Simon Malcomber

                    Update from the NSF deputy assistant director: Helping plant science bloom!


10:30 – 11:00 am Coffee Break


11:00am      Boaz Negin

Catechol acetylglucose: A novel benzoxazinoid-regulated defensive metabolite in maize

11:15am      Gabriella Ballestas

Development of Molecular Markers for Discrimination Between Cynanchum wilfordii and Its Close Relatives

11:30am      Greg Gregory

Determining the Diurnal Cues Regulating CELLULOSE SYNTHASE A8 Expression in Brachypodium distachyon

11:45am      Bahman Khahani

A Gene Regulatory Network for Secondary Wall Biosynthesis in the Leaf Nodal Roots of Brachypodium distachyon

12:00pm      Shiqi Zhang

Quantitative imaging of Pi using FRET sensors in B. distachyon roots reveals diverse Pi distribution and fluctuation during AM symbiosis

12:15pm      Subhash Minocha

NE-ASBP secretary/treasurer report, awards

12:30pm      Tours of Cornell facilities

Cornell High Energy Synchrotron Source (CHESS)

Boyce Thompson Institute automated phenotyping facility

Botanic Garden

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